Another covered-in-flowers-R. Except here he’s dying.
Why do I make myself sad? ;;


Another covered-in-flowers-R. Except here he’s dying.

Why do I make myself sad? ;;

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'why don't you ever write enjolras pov? he's so mysterious in your fics'

well 2 b brutally honest about this one i can’t describe how hot enjolras is from enjolras’s pov

are you Victor Hugo

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random headcanon time go

  • combeferre has tiny tattoos of moths on hisknuckles with words in latin around them
  • bossuet owns over thirty different pairs of hats, and, no, joly, i don’t care if you use one what do you mean lice how the hell would i get lice
  • enjolras has a cactus that grantaire got him as a gag gift for christmas. it’s name is donnie and is at a tie for his best friend with courfeyrac and combeferre
  • bahorel’s best tattoo is the one on his ankle that is a detailed ink of a hand. he got drunk and just woke up with a hand on his ankle
  • feuilly plays piano and is really talented. jean valjean got him a job at the chapel playing during wedding receptions
  • courfeyrac has a tongue piercing that was done in bahorel’s basement by musichetta
  • joly has crooked teeth and gets embarrassed when people bring it up because he went through years and years of orthodontic treatment when he was younger
  • cosette convinced her papa to let her dye her hair blue. he also agreed to let her practice and get the right color on his hair.
  • jean prouvaire has cuts off all his hair every three months.
  • montparnasse has lost count of the tattoos on his body. there’s a new game called, ‘sleep with mont and find the weirdest tattoo on his white boy ass’
  • musichetta’s parents are turkish expatriots, so she has two passports. she grew up all over the world, always moving
  • grantaire’s whole apartment has become a canvas. there are portraits and rainbows and god knows what that is oh jesus r is that a penis please pain that over before the building manager sees it

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Happy Birthday Cosette

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things I’d like to see in fics more

- Marius holding the door for strangers and giving his seat up to anyone who wants it on bus rides

- Enjolras reading up on current events and dissolving into tears when he sees how terrible life is for some people and how little he can do about it

- Courfeyrac getting so heavily invested in his friend’s lives that he forgets to take care of himself and needs to be reminded that he matters, too

- Combeferre with a sweet tooth (sour gummy worms are his favorite)

- Joly sending care packages to any of his friends that feel down

- Bossuet laughing through his tears

- Prouvaire’s speech habits changing a bit based on the book he read last 

- Bahorel blushing at compliments

- Grantaire giving everyone pep talks before finals and watching as everyone goes back to work feeling inspired

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anyway who wants to hear the Cool Jewish Hermione theories i came up with when i was nine 

  • mr and mrs granger began to suspect something was…strange about their beloved toddler when her play-doh creations started moving of their own accord
  • at age five, hermione was playing with the hanukkah candles before they were lit. they stayed alight for eight days. and the rest of december. mr granger eventually had to flush them down the toilet because they wouldn’t go out.
  • she had her bat mitzvah the summer between 2nd and 3rd year. her temple friends were very amused at the way her red-haired boarding school friend kept poking at his borrowed yarmulke and wondering aloud where the teeth were. HERMIONE DIDN’T STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR FOR THE PARTY ~*~
  • she got homesick really bad in her 1st year, the house elves heard and started sending up a basket of challah every shabbat and made some WICKED french toast with the leftovers. don’t even get me STARTED on how good they are with kosher foods.
  • hermione prefers lighting candles with matches instead of her wand, but whenever she’s home for shabbat, her mom INSISTS that she shows the neighbors the “nice magic trick she learned at boarding school” and she’s like “mother PLEASE there are LAWS” but little rachel ackerman who lives next door, her play-doh golems look a little familiar to hermione so she agrees, but just this ONCE MOTHER


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some courferre sketches and cheek smooches for y’all because i’m trash and they’re cute and i think i’m finally settling on how i want to draw these dorks

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Merlin Cast FestColin Morgan Week - Day 3 (A Random Fact)∟He’s fond of kids
(x) (x) (x)

+ Bonus


Merlin Cast Fest
Colin Morgan Week - Day 3 (A Random Fact)
∟He’s fond of kids

(x) (x) (x)

+ Bonus


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There’s so much more to you than you know, not just pain and anger. There’s good in you too, and you can harness all that. You have a power that no one can match, not even me.

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